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"Dad is 76yrs old, healthy but stubborn. Found him in the backyard a few hours after he had fallen from a ladder trying to trim his oak tree. He was dehydrated, bruised and had a fractured wrist. It was a lucky day for the both of us that he didn’t suffered worst injuries. I had worked a short day and wanted to drop by and take Dad out for an impromptu dinner. Scary to think what would’ve happened if I hadn’t showed up. Long story short, it makes sense to have an alert for Dad. We chose Freedom Med Alert. Dad is a veteran and he liked that their medical alert is 100% made here in the US. I liked that they don’t require a contract like most other companies." - Gary S., Dallas, TX

"I haven’t had to use my medical alert but it’s a wonderful feeling to know that I can get help immediately if and when I do have an emergency. I want to stay independent and healthy for as long possible to enjoy my family. I’m very blessed to have two wonderful new granddaughters to look forward to spending time with! Thank you Freedom Med Alert!" -Betty C., Walla Walla, WA

"My parents are both in their 80s and truth be told, are not in the best health. I was worried especially after learning that Mom fell in the driveway trying to unload some groceries. Thankfully, Dad was with her and she’s ok. I called several medical alarm companies before enrolling Mom & Dad with Freedom Med Alert. Great customer service, quality product (USA Made), easy install and pricing affordable (no additional monthly charge for Dad). My parents mean the world to me and to know that they can get help immediately when they need it is just priceless." - Linda G., Palm Beach, FL

"Thank you Freedom Med Alert! A few months after my daughter urged me to getting an alert, I had a TIA, mini stroke right in the middle of breakfast. I suddenly felt ‘out of it’ and pressed my button. Luckily I was able to get help and later learned that it could’ve been fatal if I had not been treated right away. My daughter and I are convinced that the alert saved my life." - Tom P., Oswego, NY

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