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There are many questions we should ask ourselves when it comes to selecting the right care for our loved ones. For those that are still independent, a medical alert system is the best choice to fit their needs.

A medical alert system makes it easy to ensure that your loved ones receive a response to their needs in the event of an emergency. But, not all medical alert systems are the same. Before you pick out a medical alert system, there are a few things to think about.

How will this medical alert system fit into your lifestyle?

A medical alert system acts as a communication device between yourself and a contact center. With the simple touch of a button, you can reach an emergency dispatcher who can assess the situation and determine whether emergency personnel are needed. The emergency dispatcher will have access to information about your medical history and other relevant information that would have been provided at set up time.

Which system is right for you?


MXD Alert System

If you’re mostly alone while you’re home, a home-based unit like MXD would be ideal for you. You have the freedom to move throughout your home and yard without worrying about losing connection. A waterproof device means that you can take the device with you in the shower, giving you extra peace of mind. And with a 90-hour battery backup, your system will remain functioning in the event of a power outage.

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Belle Mobile Unit

But, what if you are still able to be active outside of the home? A mobile unit, Belle, makes it easy for you to maintain your freedom without the fear of being disconnected. A lightweight mobile pendant or bracelet makes it easy to stay in touch with an emergency response team no matter where you are.

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You may be wondering how emergency personnel would be able to enter your home to get to you should that be necessary if you are not able to let them in yourself. An optional lock box may be purchased to set up on the door to avoid the emergency personnel having to break your lock or damage your door in order to get you the help you need.

Response Time & the Voice on the Other End

The most important question you could ask a potential medical alert service is how long it will take for a response team to reach you. If you are injured, every moment counts. When you need help, you want to make sure that whoever is on the line understands what you may need. Representatives at Freedom Med Alert have received the same training as emergency response agents.

Plan for the Future

When shopping for a medical alert system, you may notice that there are some that require a long-time contract. Freedom Med Alert doesn’t require a contract for any services offered making Freedom Med Alert a great option for those looking for peace of mind without the extra hassle.

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