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Why Choose Freedom Med Alert?
What is a medical alarm and how does it work?
Who monitors the calls?
Is my personal information available to emergency personnel?
Does Freedom Med Alert offer service in my area?
Do I need to have a dedicated phone line?
Is installation quick and easy?
Are the necklace and wrist alarm both waterproof?
What is the distance/range protection?
Will the care specialist be able to hear me anywhere in my home?
Can the care specialist hear me if I’m in the backyard?
Once I press my button for help, what is the response time?
How will emergency personnel gain access to my home?
What happens if I accidently press the button?
What is the battery life of my necklace or wristband?
What happens during a power outage?
Is the medical alarm system under warranty?
Will I be locked into a long-term contract?
Are there hidden fees, taxes or price increases?
Does insurance or Medicare cover medical alarms?
Can my spouse receive protection too?
Can I take the system with me if I move? To a second residence? To my winter home?
How do I sign up for service?

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