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According to the Center for Disease Control, one out of every three adults age 65 and older suffers from a fall each year with a decent amount of those falls resulting in a serious to moderate injury. When a loved one falls, immediate assistance is needed and if they’re unable to get to the phone to call for help, they may be trapped there for hours. A medical alert system will detect the fall and dispatch an ambulance to the location.

How it Works

Freedom Med Alert offers two medical alert options to meet your lifestyle. A medical alert device can be placed within the home which can be activated in the event of an emergency. For senior citizens that are more active and need a mobile alert system, Freedom Med Alert offers an option that can be activated wherever you go.

In the event of an emergency, your loved one simply presses the button on the pendant of their medical alert system and they will be directed to the monitoring center. Our care specialists are Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) certified which ensures that they are able to provide lifesaving advice when necessary. Additionally, when setting up the service, the medical history and other relevant information is saved in the user’s file so that the representative on the phone knows as much as possible. In the event of a life-threatening emergency, dispatchers will notify medical personnel.

Why You Need It

A medical alert system ensures that your loved ones are safe no matter where they go. Ensuring that your loved ones are not left alone in a crisis situation provides peace of mind. And knowing that in the event of an emergency your loved ones would be able to request assistance quickly is very important.

Whether your loved ones are enjoying their neighborhood, visiting friends, or just relaxing at home, you will know that they are safe.

Benefits of Freedom Med Alert:

  • Maintain your independence longer
  • No monthly contracts or fees
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • EMD trained call center staff
  • FDA registered product
  • Waterproof button

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