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For the active senior citizen, a mobile medical alert unit provides flexibility without tethering them to a home unit. Your loved ones are able to visit friends, attend events, and enjoy the flexibility of enjoying their community while still being able to reach a representative in the event of an emergency.

The Belle, Freedom Med Alert’s mobile unit, is a lightweight necklace, weighing only 2 ounces. As your loved ones goes about their routine, they will be able to contact the Freedom Med Alert dispatch center in the event of an emergency. A simple pendant that they wear around their neck will act as a communication device that can be activated by the simple touch of a button.

To offer maximum flexibility, the Belle is waterproof for the shower or rain, but was not designed to be fully submerged in water. And in contrast to other mobile units designed for a similar purpose, once the Belle is charged, it will hold its charge for 30 days. It comes with an easy to use charging cradle for the rechargeable battery.

When the button on the Belle is pressed, it will beep as it locates your latitude/longitude and then it will ring and an agent will come on the line. You will be able to speak directly to the agent through the pendant hanging from your neck.

UTDOA vs. GPS Technology

The Freedom Belle unit is the only mobile medical device to use UTDOA technology rather than GPS. When it comes to modern cell phone devices, GPS technology is highly effective at providing directions or sharing our location with loved ones but it is because of this technology that we are constantly draining our mobile battery.

GPS is almost always running in the background, sharing data from our devices with nearby satellites to trigger our location. And since UTDOA only triggers our location when activated, devices that use it have a longer battery life and require less charging time than traditional GPS.

UTDOA technology increases the battery life of the Freedom Belle unit from the 8-12 hours often found on GPS-enabled devices to 30 days! If your loved ones forget to place the Belle device on a charger before bed, they will still wake up with a fully operational unit in the morning.

Benefits of a Mobile System:

  • Completely wireless, no phone lines to worry about
  • Talk directly to the pendant, no need for a "base station"
  • Smallest and lightest unit on the market today
  • One-month battery life
  • Water resistant
  • U-TDOA locator in case you’re lost
  • Belle can contact 911 if you’re in an area without signal

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